Say hello to my new boots (and me)!


Right now You are probably thinking – another  annoying fashion blogger, they are so bothering! And You are probably right. There are already so many incredibly good ones on and around fashion, why should make more?

But I really want to share with You! I want share with You everything new and beautiful, amazing things, emotions. The way I am trying to befriend with fashion.

I am not the best photographer for sure, but I am learning to improve it, trying, trying so hard I can. With the greatest gratitude I will accept any comments and tips about my pictures (and blog posts). I must confess I am not familiar with Photoshop and all of my pictures are the way they are – natural (here should be tricky smiley).

For the beginning it would be all. Hope to see You soon!


P.S. They are from H&M

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