Ebay accessories review



This weeks ebay bargains will be differnet. I will not show what I am wishing for but what I have actually bought! For now it is only accessories: a classic black handbag, pair of simple sunglasses, a flower crown and two pairs of earrings. But soon on blog also will be clothes and shoes reviews from ebay. 

Black & gold handbag

I was looking for a classic black handbag for  a while. Bag what I was looking had to be with a strict form which doesn’t changes when I put something in it. When I first saw it on eBay I knew this is the bag. When I orderd it I really hoped it will have the quality I was wishing for. And it had it, even though itsn’t as much as space in it. I am loving this bag, it gives more formal touch to the outfit. Now I am think to buy it in brighter coloer, maybe pink or orange. 

You can shop the bag HERE.



Simple white sunglasses

For this summer I didn’t have a sunglasses so when I saw these casual beauties on eBay for less then 2$, I knew I had to have them. I love how simple and casual and at the same time sporty they are. And they don’t look huge on my face which great. 

You can shop sunglasses HERE



Floral headband

I thought it would be nice to have a flower headband for summer (mostly for summer music festivals). And I fell for nice idea, beautiful picture and cheap price (less then 1$ !!). When it came it wasn’t exactly what I was hoping to get. Flowers are made from paper, green leafs are doing whatever they want to do and don’t stay in palce. Yeah, you get what you pay for. 

You can shop flower headband HERE



Double pearl earrings

Earring like this I saw for the first time. I fell in love with their unique look. I am definitely buying more of these earrings in other colours. I think they would look nice to mix and match various colours, for example black & white, pink & green. And they are not exepensive too (1$ for pair). 

You can shop double pearl earrings HERE



Asymetric earrings

There must be something about me and unique looking earrings. Looking at the picture in eBay earrings seemed to be really small but these are pretty big for stud earrings. unfortunately quality is not the best, they are glued pretty badly (you can see the glue under pearls). But they look so cute, so I think I will wear them few times for sure. 

You can shope asymetric earrings HERE


These were all the items I bought from eBey for now. I hope this post was helpful for you. Did you liked any of items what i got? Which one is your favorite?

xo, A

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