Ebay bargains #5


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This week there is definitely color theme going on. Navy blue & army green is my top colors for autumn. I just like how these colors look together (or it’s just a little devil in me who thinks they look together). These few last weeks it is already feeling like autumn. Rain is pouring every single day. Summer of 2014 is already gone. Sad to admit it but it true. And one of the ways how to welcome autumn’14 is to have some realy great baargains! 

First of all. Can appreciate how edgy and badass theese booties are? They definitely are in my ebay basket right now! They can give that ebdy vibe to otherwise simple and plain outfit. How do you think? I am loving some navy blue accessories like this handbag and necklace with some gold details. I think they would look gret together with this army green dress. This would be my autumn ready uniform. Other thing I am into lately is watches. I like how classic this watch is. It makes so easy compete everyday look with it. 


Did You enjoyed my Ebay bargains? Wich is Your favorite? You can check out my other Ebay posts HERE!

xo, A

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