Mini haul


I didn’t wanted to buy anything. Honestly. It just happend. I was helping my mom to buy some new clothing for autumn & other stuff. And somehow i got new clothing for myself even I didn’t needed them. Or maybe I neeeded them. I got 3 basic items for my wardrobe (at least that’s what I’m telling to myself).

First thing I got is a basic dark grey legging from H&M. For those lazy days or just go grocery shopping in local store. Or basicly anything else. Unlimited options to style them. I can’t reme,ber price but I think it was something about 10 €.

Second item is white top from Reserved. Love those small see through details. It gives a classic top sophisticated touch. And the fabric is so soft comfortable. I absolutely fell in love with their new collection. I will definitely go back to buy something more.


Getting ready for autumn I got a lilac Patrick Francis wool scarf. It has reallt beatilful celtic design elements and details. Scarf immediately completes casual outfit. I’m going to wear it very much in this autumn.

xo, A

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