Cleaning my wardrobe


It’s been a long since I have written something here. And a lot of have happenend. First Pandora store opened here in Latvia and I enjoyed very much following fashion week events and shows even through pictures.

All that inspired me to have a little changes in my life. And I decided to start with my wardrobe. Usually everyone do this kind of thing in spring (spring cleaning) but I will have autumn cleaning. 🙂 And it so relaxing and helps to clean my mind.

Today I start with my accessories and jewelry. The one thing I understood os that I don’t have enough of them!


I am loving my Nike bag (mostly because is it is the first bag I bought myself with my own money). No I am mostly using it to go to the gym. My every day go to bag is this classic black one from ebay. I don’t like to go grocery shopping and take plastic bags from shops, so I am always using my fabric bags instead. And they look so much better!


I need more shoes in my life. I kind of feel sad looking how small my shoe collection is.

DSC04073 DSC04076

I only have 3 hats and 3 pairs of gloves. I wish I had at least one beanie right now. It would be so perfect for this kind of weather. It is really windy, cold and raining all the time.

My mom loves knitting. She is relly good at it. I have lots of scarves and those 2 gloves she have kintted. Wool gloves really help in cold winter time to keep my hands warm.


I feel so disappointed with my photography skills in this picture (any tips? help please). Soon my little collection of sunglasses will improve. I loved weaing my white sunglasses from ebay this summer. Other ones are broken so bye bye. I am not sure what for I have playboy bunny necklace. I don’t want to throw it away so maybe I am going to sell it.

xo, A


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