Testing Garnier Nordic Moisture Match samples


Somewhen in August (i think it was August) I had an oppurtunity to apply for free sample for new face cream series from Garnier called Nordic moisture match. They traveled to me so long that I even forgot that I applied for them. They was in my P.O. box in the end of September or in the begging of October. Now I had the time to test them and tell my thoughts about them 🙂

The first thing I want to talk about is about packeging. Samples came in smart box like packeging. It is pretty and I can see all the basic information about the samples. With each sample I could try cream for two days. I really like that with small amout of product lasts for long time.

DSC04236 DSC04244

The first sample I trie was for dry (and very dry skin). Here is what Garnier says about the product “Rich and very moistuurisng cream with camelli oi and is not greasy”  
The first thing I like about it was how it smelled. Reminded me about roses even wasn’t mentioned about that. I have noticed that when weather gets even a bit colder my skin gets really dry. Cream makes my skin smooth and soft and keeps it moisturised all day as promised.



The next sample I tried was for combined and oily skin. My T-zone can be the most problematic one with regular break out and oily shine. When weather gets colder shine seems to disappear. Seems to disappear. “Light and matting texture with green tea extract. Oil ffree and absorbs quickly into skin.” The first thing I liked about this cream was the scent (again). It smells so fresh with some citrus feel. Cream absorbs really fast into skin. Skin has velvet feeling afterwards, no shine effect. But this is not go-to face cream for me.



Last sample I used in my little travel to Liepāja city which is near to sea (and windy). It is intended to normal skin. “Soft and silky cream, enriched with blue water lily extract.”  So far my favorite. It has nice and fresh scent, moisturise skin very well. Even in windy weather my skin felt protected.


Lets see for which one these I w will reach to buy when I will be in the drugstore.
Have you tried any face cream from Garnier before? What are your thoughts about Nordic Moisture Match series? You can see more beauty reviews HERE.

xo, A


4 thoughts on “Testing Garnier Nordic Moisture Match samples

  1. hideorgochic

    Now that we’re well into the fall season, my skin has been really dry (more so than usually), I think I may have to use a different moisturizer during this season! The first one (for very dry skin), might be perfect for me — are they currently available in stores?

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