New in from Ebay


Today Ian going to show you my latest ebay bargains wich I bought myself. It is mostly accessories. Black boots, a beanie, sheer socks and few jewelry items. Hope you will find these reviews helpful! 🙂


black ankle boots

I couldn’t believ how comfortable thes boots are! Thee heel looks so high but thanks to platform it is very easy to walk with these cuties. And they are a real bargain (under 30$ and free shipping). I am pleased with quality.


Black knitted beanie

My absolute favorite! Ireally needed a hat (in autumn it can get really cold). Is there a better choice than beanie? And it is really warm, baggy and very comfy!


Seven dwarves ring

When I first saw this ring on ebay I knew I need to have it! I love its unique look (here in stores I definitely didn’t see anything like that). I only had worries about size. It is size 7 and I don’t know my ring size. And it fit perfectly! So that means I have size 7 rings.
Oh, and it is really good quality! It doesn’t feel like it is made from cheap material (ring is pretty heavy) and don’t colour my fingers.

DSC04487 DSC04219

Chocolate cookie compact mirror

Mirror I am using right now is so old an used. It is all scratched and colour is all going out. And this on is os cute – just like a chocolate cookie. It looks so tasty! It came with a little comb for wich I don’t see any practical meaning (it would just disappear in my hair).


Sheer socks with flowers

These look so cute together with shoes. I am really loving that lovely look with heeled shoes and lacy, sheer or frilled socks. These one has super cute flower pattern and frills! Oh, and you can get them in many more colours! I can’t wait for spring and summer to wear them!


Chain choker

I have seen so many bloggers wearing them so when I saw it on ebay I couldn’t resist to have it. Perfect for wearing on daily basics! But. It is very short (it is a choker! I should read a description better). I don’t like the feeling wearing it.
It is very light weighted so it has that cheap material feeling. But it really looks good.



Dark blue earrings and white earrings

With thodes earrings I have the most problems 😦 And I don’t even know with what to start. On ebay they look so cute and beautiful. Dark blue earrings look the same but white earrings look different. The chain tassel are more chunkier shorter.
Some stones from earrings are dropped out (I guess shipment wasn’t very caring).


Picture from Ebay

 Did you liked any of items what i got? Which one is your favorite? I hope this post was helpful for you. You can more ebay bargain reviews HERE.

xo, A


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