Dear Santa Claus.. beauty product gift guide


Today fell first snow. And it has been snowing all night and all day and doesn’t seem to stop. Everything looks so white and beautiful. And give Christmassy feeling. So today I wanted to share with you my wishlist of beauty products for Christmas. Hope you will enjoy it!


Pearl inspired beauty line from Stenders

Stenders is Latvian beauty brand that makes bath bombs, body butters and more lovely scented things. One of their newest lines are inspired by pearls. The moto of this line is – allow to wear pearls on your skin! That is so tempting and sophisticated.
In this line is pearl shower gel (14,90 €), body lotion (17,90 €) and soap (8,40 €).


Glazed apple gift set from The Body Shop

I have always loved TBS products especially their body butters. This gift set is packaged in the most fun way possible. All products are in this silver apple! Gift set inculdes glazed apple travel size shower gel and body lotion, body butter, scrub and crinkle spongle. And everything smells so nice!
Gift set price is 29 €.


Lush bath products

Lush seems to everywhere now (on Instagram photoes, Youtube videos and blog posts). So it I feel it is the last time for me to try their products. So, dear Santa Claus I would like to see them under my Christmas tree.
My picks are – Christmas penguin bubble bar, Magic Wand bubble bar, Butterbear bath bomb, Melting Snowman bath melt.

What would you like to get for Christmas?

xo, A


2 thoughts on “Dear Santa Claus.. beauty product gift guide

  1. Kerry Mc

    Great guide, really good blog and post 🙂 Maybe you could check out my blog? I would be delighted if you followed me on GFC, and of course I will always follow back to anyone who asks. Be sure to leave a comment on my latest post! Look forward to seeing you there! 🙂 x


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