Thank you 2014, hello 2015

hello 2015

Hello everyone in the 2015!
Time flies by so far and it is 2015 already. New year, new dreams, new hopes, new challenges, new ambitions. And the most important is to change and not wait fair them.

So here is a little recap of my 2014 and my goals and ambitions for 2015

Most amazing thing blogwise is that my blog has been viewed from 39 countries! Love for fashion is an international language. I can’t describe how awesome is that, big thank You everyone who has visited my blog and everyone who comes back to read more 🙂

anitasdiaries fashion blog viewers

In last twelve months I have become more confident with myself and how look. I am more experimenting with style and be brave enough wear my ideas outside my house. I used to be so scared what people thing, how they will look and what they will say. I have left these doubts in 2014. The revelation of the year is – the most important thing I can wear is confidence, that’s what people see! Here is my favorite looks of 2014 (maxi dress in colour of sunset, pop of red, prints and knits).

Best looks 2014

What I have in mind for 2015? A lot actually. And the most of it I am going to share with you guys. The most important goal is to post regularly here, no more too tired excuses. And what I do instead of writing is .. watching lots of TV shows. To learn more (photography, English and German). How to have fun and reset!

What was your higkights if 2014? What are your goals for 2015?

xo, A


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