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This month and year has started with a great news from Maybelline.It is possible to buy BabyLips lip balms in Latvia. It might seem very strange but, yes, all this time babylips wasn’t available in the stores.
So here is my first impressions about them.

When I fist came in the drugstore Babylips stand was almost empty. There were only few left (Cherry me was all gone, I really wanted to try all the tinted ones). It seems like all the women in tha area I live has bought babylips just to try them out.
One day I would like to see other babylips collections (like Dr Rescue and Eletrico) in stores too.

I got peach kiss, pink punch and hydrate


First thing I want to say is that they all smell so gorgeous. And with the packaging they give such a great summer vibe! They are not the most hydrating, especially for  winters in Latvia. But for summer they would be good. I really like that hydrate lip balm has SPH 20 protection.

Maybelline BabyLips swatches

I am not a big fan of shimmering lipsticks or lips glosses. What I like about peach kiss is that it almost natural colour. And that shimmer in it doesn’t bother me.
At first I thought pink punch would be pigmented. I don’t why I even thought that 😀
Both are perfect for days I don’t want to put lipstick on but I want some colour on my lips!

What is your favorite lip balm from babylips? Do you even use them now? You can see more beauty related posts HERE.

xo, A


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