Tips for beautiful hands and nails in winter

winterize your nails

Oh, winter you are so unpredictable! You can be so cold and windy, snow can be snowing and rain can be raining. And it all can happen in one day. Everyone seems to be worried about how this weather effects face or hair and don’t see how are hand are becoming like sandpaper. We can be so busy that we simply can forget about oh, so simple things or that is just me?

Here are my top tips for soft and beautiful hand in winter:

1) outside always wear gloves (they are in so various colours and textures!)
2) travel size hand cream can be your life savior that you can put in any handbag
3) use scrub for your hand once a week, it can help to get rid of dead cells
4) pamper your hands with manicure and massage
5) accessorize with fine and dainty rings, midi rings are so in right now
5) on your nails use colours that cheer you up and try some nail art designs (you can find plenty on pinterest or youtube just type nail art tutorial)

Here is a small tutorial how I did my nails this week. I choose neutral base colour and with dots I made design. As doting tool I used toothpick. Oh, and don’t forget about top coat! For inspiration I added some nail polish swatches from Julep, they have really awesome nail polish colours!

nail art tutorialTrendingWInterColors_2

Here are some great tips how to winterize your nails.


What is your top nail polish colour for winter? You can see more beauty related posts HERE.

P.S Don’t forget about men in your life. They want beautiful hands too


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