New in from ebay: accessories


This week I want to share with some items that I purchased from ebay. I now it’s not much but I am really enjoying them. Hope you will like them too.

Heart-shaped sunglasses


My absolute favorite from all the other items. I was really looking forward to have simple, red heart-shaped sunglasses for a while. It will be fun to style them! For they seem to be more summer type accessory.
They were super cheap (less than a dollar!). They are from plastic, and I didn’t wait any fancier material. So I won’t feel bad if I will lost or break them.

Love and happy necklaces 


I could not decide wich one to buy so I bought them both. They are just too cute!

This style words necklaces first appeared in Lanvin collections. It was something new and exciting (statement necklaces with and actual statement). So it’s no wonder a lot of copy cats appeared. In a lot of online stores showed up that same style necklaces about 20$ to 30$. How fair is that to original designer? And it not the only one case. How far it goes from inspired design to straight up copy cat style? I really would like to hear your thought about that.

Daisy necklace


Another summer friendly item. It seems like I want to add some summer in this winter 😀 I was surprised about the quality of this necklace. It is made really well. I can’t wait to style it in an outfit!

Colourful hair ties


These are so cute I couldn’t resist to buy them in multiple colours! And there is no such a thing like having too many hair ties, right? What I like about these is that I can actually wear them as bracelets too (lots of arm candy ideas are popping up in my mind right now). The only con with them is that the knot might loosen up. But I am not thinking to wear them in gym anyways.

 Did you liked any of items what i got? Which one is your favorite? I hope this post was helpful for you. You can more ebay bargain reviews HERE.

xo, A


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