Dove Oxygen and Moisture Series

Today I am going to tell about my thoughts about Dove Advanced Hair Series Oxygen Moisture products – shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and root lift spray. In stores it possible to get from new advanced hair series also Pure Care Dry Oil.
Dove oxygen and moisture series review

But first I want to say an enormous thanks to Camilla from blog for an amazing giveaway in wich I  won these products. She writes about beauty (empties, reviews, unboxing etc) and takes really beautiful photos!

First I want to tell you all these products smell amazing! Scent is fresh, light and lot like fresh air if it makes any sence. I am just so terrible at describing scents but I really this kind if scents.

dove shampoo and conditioner

The shampoo has a gel-like consistency but it foams really well, so a little amount of product is necessary.  The conditioner is creamy and rinses out nicely. After a few times of using this duo, I fell in love with it. Hair retains its shine and volume, even on the second day, which is difficult to achieve with some products! The biggest surprise from these series definitely was the hair mask. It is so light weighted with soufflé consistency. Mask doesn’t make hair heavy.

After using these products I have seen that my hair visually look more healthy (my hair from all the colour changes is really damaged and the only cure is to cut them) and have natural shine. It is very easy to comb them (no tangle teezer necessary :-; ).

dove root lift spray

With this product I had the most difficulties. Root Lift Spray suppose to give a nice volume to your hair. When I put it in wet hair and dry them I didn’t see any difference. One day I tried it to put in dry hair. Oh, how I wish I hadn’t done that! Hair looked oily and no volume effect. Than I found great tip about using this it –  spray should be used with just a towel dried hair, blast clean as uniformly as possible and at least 15 cm away from the roots. Then the hair is dried with a hairdryer and head down.

Overall, this Dove series is successful, my favorite, as I mentioned a mask.  The biggest favorite – the smell.

Have you tried any product from new Dove Advanced series? What are your thoughts about them? You can see more beauty reviews HERE.

xo, A


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