Today I’m wearing black lipstick!


I can’t believe I haven’t written anything in a week! That’s crazy! With spring approaching I am getting more busy and busy. I know it’s not an excuse and I promise I will be my on blogging schedual as soon as posible.

Today I want to share my thought with you about one statement piece  – a black lipstick by NYX. What I actually bought a while ago and somehow forgot. And that’s crazy too!


Black in make up is such a statement colour. On lips it gives very bold look!And it is definitely not easy to pull off that black lipstick look like Beyonce in Telephone music video, Lady Gaga, Jessie J, Troian Bellisario.

Black lipstick i picked is NYX macaroon lippie in shade Chambord MALS12. I really like packaging. Very simple & elegant at the same time. Scent is nice, reminds me of some kind of nuts 😀 Colour is very pigmented and looks very good lips. I found it easy to apply lipstick with lip balm underneath. That’s the only problem I got with this lipstick. I think it is not necessary to use lip liner. Lips are already bold enough so not using lip liner gives a little softness to the lips. And it is cruelty free!

Even though I didn’t left my house today wearing black lipstick I wore it all day. Quality of product is good, it last quite a long time. I can’t wait an event to wear a black lipstick! Oh, and really want to get more products from NYX!


What’s your favorite product NYX and what you can recommend? Have ever tried a black lipstick make up look? You can see more beauty reviews HERE.

xo, A


2 thoughts on “Today I’m wearing black lipstick!

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