Ebay reviews #4

ebay bargains

Today I have prepared an ebay bargains for you. Instead of making list of things I would like to buy I decided to review thing I actually bought. Hope you enjoy it!


Glitter Heels

First of all they are very glittery. Like from the quote “Leave a little sparkle whenever you go“. With these shoes glitter is everywhere. I didn’t expect red soles either. I don’t how I feel about them (I think I would better prefer neutral soles).
Shoes are relly pretty and I think they would look nice in photos for more spring and summer ready outfits!
Unfortunately seller from who I bought these shoes has stopped selling them. If you want to find similar shoes just type glitter pointy shoes in search box.


Folding Shoes

In of my latest ebay bargains wishlist posts I included folding shoes. And I actually ordered some. And they are so cute! Adorable! And comfortable. And can put them in any kind of handbag.
Perfect for parties when you feel tired from heels.


Macaroon Socks & Frilly Socks

Trust me when I say I actually have a lot pairs of socks. Maybe even too many. Why do I keep buying them?!
The print of the macaroon socks are in really good quality and colours are amazing! Material is really soft.
I haven’t seen frilly socks in stores here. Maybe I haven’t looked for them enough. So I just thought I need some frilly socks 😀 They can give a cute accent to an outfit!


Seashell Necklace & Bracelet and Heartbeat Necklace

Now to some jewelry items. I guess while buying seashell necklace and bracelet I thought about summer. Or in cold and snowy winter I really missed summer. Necklace has a nice length and details are well made. I really liked the length. Bracelet in many ways is the same. And while are you wearing it makes jingling noises.
In the middle is dainty heartbeat necklace. It is a lot smaller than I expected and material has that cheap feeling.



Yes, yes we all know what famous brand bogus it is. But I can’t afford the real deal. And I like that sunglasses has no brand name on them. Unfortunatallly, the quality isn’t the best. One of the frame stand (leg?) feels like will break. It’s a plastic and I won’t feel sorry if I break them accidentally.


Blackhead Remover and Blue Mascara

Buying beauty items from ebay can be very tricky. I did a lot of research before buying.
I will start with positive things first. Pilaten blackheads remover does what it says – gently removes blackheads. You simply apply on the area where it is necessary (I put it on my chin and nose) wait until it dries and then just peel it of with all nasty things in it. It is definitely not the best product in the world but it is an OK product.
I wanted to try colourful mascara for spring. So I picked one in blue. It is not as pigment as I thought it would be. I need to apply many coats before it even starts to look like a blue colour at all. I do not recomend anyone this one. Oh, but there is one good thing about it! You can remove it very easy.

 Did you liked any of items what i got? Which one is your favorite? I hope this post was helpful for you. You can more ebay bargain reviews HERE.

xo, A


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