Loreal Nutri Gold

Today I am going to tell you about one of my recent favorites – day and night cream from L’oreal Nutri Gold series. I loved them using in winter months when temperature was below zero degrees (Celsius) and skin wanted extra care.
Somehow I realised that I haven’t review those products.


First of all I really like packaging. Glass gives such a sophisticated feel. I like the heaviness when I take them.  And they look so cute on the shelf in my bathroom.

Scent is really nice. They smell like hunyy, not too sweet.


Creams are very thick. The best thing I like about them is the formula. Cream melts when you touch it with your fingers and melts even more when it touches your face. It makes applying very easy and economic.
Skin becomes smooth and soft. I like using day cream as base for my BB cream. Both (day and night creams) feeds my skin very well. For me it more winter time cream. So I feel it is time to change for something more lighter as summer is approaching. Any suggestions?

You can see more beauty reviews HERE.

xo, A


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