Cobalt blue for my lashes

Hello everyone!
Can warm spring days come any sooner? Even though it’s sunny outside I managed to freeze. Weather is so windy and cold. No wonder nothing wants to bloom. But that’s no problem because it is always possible to add blooming colours to make up and accessories. Mascara in other colour than black has become on of my favorite things to wear.
spring make up

I like how cute colourful mascara looks. This look has become my favorite make up trend for spring/summer season. Blue, green or purple mascara would look perfect in music festival. Here are my favorite picks.

spring mascaraNYX purple // YSL // Make Up For Ever // NYX blue // Dior

Recently I ordered a blue mascara from ebay. Yes, I need to apply lots of coats to get the result I want and it is not very pigmented. But it looks good throughout the day and it is very easy to take it off. Easy removal is the best quality of that mascara.

DSCN0092DSCN0096All the products I used except eye liner that somehow didn't get in the photo

All the products I used except eye liner that somehow didn’t get in the photo

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xo, A


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