7 things that made me happy in September

in beautiful day of October 3rd, MeanGirls day! I know tonight I will be re watching Mean Girls cosy in my home. But for now I am going to share with you seven things that made me happy in September.
Hope you will enjoy this post!

september favorites

window sill gardenSpending quality time with my family

It’s been while since my family had gathered together for the last time. I live and work in Rīga (capital city of Latvia), my mom lives in Skrīveri (small town 1,5 hours drive away) and my brother lives in Tullamore (Ireland). So it is pretty hard to get all three of in one place together. So past two weeks was really fun, full of catching up and being together.


My mom has the most amazing garden (yes garden!) on her window sills while I have one lonely cactus. She has orchids, cacti, succulents and even sweet pepper. It looked so lively and colourful and cat approved that very well. So in near future my cactus will get some friends.

dove oxygen moisture hair mask

Dove Oxygen Moisture hair mask

A real gem for my hair but stayed forgotten far too long. I really can’t believe I haven’t used it for months. I loved its scent and consistency. Hair is really smooth after using it, looks healthier. Or maybe I just simply love the feeling after using Dove Oxygen Moisture mask.


Treacle Moon dusted cocoa heaven shower gel

There was something about me and chocolate in September. It somehow managed get to me in all ways possible. So it is no wonder I bought this Treacle Moon shower gel just for the smell. Scent is so heavenly!
As shower gel it does job done. It foams very well, skin feels soft and I don’t smell like chocolate afterward wich is a good thing.


As I mentioned above there definitely was going with Universe that brought to me chocolate in September in very different ways and shapes. Like treasure box (marble ones were amazing!) or in cute minion packaging.

philips headphones


Technically it is all summer favorite but wore them a lot in September too. I included these Philips bright red headphones in one of my OOTD posts (you can check it out HERE). I am really enjoying this fashion trend – wearing headphones as accessory!
Philips headphones has good sound quality not only good looks. They are very light (for times when I decide to carry them in my handbag).

Blogs I loved reading

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5 dry shampoos, reviewed
Presentation of Wooden Bikes Made in Latvia

 What were your favorite things in month of September?  Feel free to leave a comment 😉

xo, A


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