SYOSS Dry Shampoo | Review

I was in a need for dry shampoo asap and at local drugstore I found this one – Syoss Anti Grease Dry Shampoo. I have TV commercials from this brand so I decided to give it a try.

syoss anti grease dry shampoo

syoos dry shampoo

I like packaging. Classic black bottle with matte effect. Smell is really strong and powerful. I personally don’t mind it but my boyfriend wasn’t fan of it. So people next to you will feel it too.

The product does its job. Dry shampoo does help with your hair to look less oily but it doesn’t feel fresh to me. When I use it my hair get more volume. About removing the oiliness, I used it when my hair is not very oily (in picture I haven’t washed my hair for 2 days), I noticed my roots looked more clean.

syoss dry shampoo results

Product will be used pretty fast even though there is a decent amount of it in bottle (200 ml). For my hair I used a lot in one time to get the effect that pleases me.

So here are my final thoughts about the product. This is not a best dry shampoo available right now but SYOSS Anti Grease Dry Shampoo is definitely not the worst one. When I will use it I am not sure if I am going to repurchase it. I am going to try more different dry shampoos for sure.

What is your favorite dry shampoo? Have you ever tried something from brand SYOSS? You can see more beauty reviews HERE.

xo, A


6 thoughts on “SYOSS Dry Shampoo | Review

  1. beaufoujewellerybox

    Boots pharmacy used to sell this amazing dry shampoo, called Fish. Weird name, but it came in the tiniest, cute little pink bottle, but it would last an age! It smelt lovely and actually would leave my hair feeling really clean and fresh. For reasons unknown it disappeared, and then the dry shampoo market kicked off and I have never found anything as good as that one. Batiste is like the big brandnow, but it sucks! I am ok with this bargain brand I buy now which really adds volume to my roots, called Paul Smith, but its not as good as Fish was. Also, they run out after like 3-4 uses! Lucky its cheap!

    Zoe. x

    1. anitasdiaries Post author

      I think it is a big problem for dry shampoo that they run out realy fast. I don’t we hhave Paul Smith one in drugstores here (thanks to your recommedation I kind of want to try it out :D).

      I am curious now why you didn’t liked dry shampoo from Batiste. Everyone seems to be raving about it.

      1. beaufoujewellerybox

        Batiste is just overrated I feel. Its not very absorbent so I generally feel like after about 10 mins of applying, I need to apply again. The only one that is absorbent is the XXL one, but it literally turns my hair into a giant knot! After writing this, I went on the search for Fish, and I found a seller on ebay who sells 2 bottles for like £7! Over the moon. I would recommend that above all overs, as long as they haven’t changed the formula. I shall let you know when it arrives!

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