8 Things That Made Me Happy In October

and this is the part when I say how fast time flies by and now is November already. But that is an absolute truth. It is almost middle of November (kind of late for October favorites?). Christmas are slowly taking over everything and I still have to do Christmas gift shopping. But that aside, todays post is dedicated to things that made me happy in October. Hope you will enjoy it!

october favorites

beauty favorites

Lip balms

As much I love Autumn it brings not so great weather. Wind, cold and rain. My skin and my lips are not grateful for that. My lips can get so dry and chopped so it is logical that lip balm are everywhere in my flat and at least one in each pocket and handbag. My favorites being Nivea lip butters, tinted Maybelline Baby Lips and Neutrogena lip balm.

Nivea Double Effect Eye Make-up Remover

I have begun to pay more attention to facial skin care. And I started with good make up remover. I definitely was guilty of not taking my make up off before going to bed time to time. But now there are no excuses for that! I love the formula, it can easy take off waterproof mascara while at the same time being gentle to skin. You read my full review Here.

MOSSA Vitamin Oil Cocktail sample

I got this sample while shopping at my local drugstore. Mossa is Latvian beauty brand that makes skincare products and for a while I wanted to try some of their products. So I couldn’t be happier for even a small sample.
This oil smells fantastic! It is kind of fresh and fruity scent (I am sorry that I am terrible at describing scents). After using it my skin felt much smoother and softer, it had beautiful radiant glow. I am really looking to buy full product and give it a try.



Scarves are my favorite autumn accessories! They can help to feel warm and cosy, gives nice pop of colour to otherwise all black outfit. And it is possible to use them as headpiece when it is raining.

baking cookies

Baking and cooking in general

In month of October I have discovered baking and baked my first cookies. And today baked lean oat and honey cookies and I am loving them! I used to clicked away recipies but now I read them with interest and want to try them out. I am currently obsessed with healthy and lean home cooking and baking. If you are interested in that leave feel free to leave a comment and I may include cooking&baking post in my blog 🙂

New Coach

In October we got ourselves new coach. We wanted to buy new one for a while and we finally found the one that both me and my boyfriend liked. Now room looks so much more cosier. And now I am looking for some cute decorative pillows for coach.

gaismas pils

Playing tourist in my city

There are so many places I still haven’t still visited. Starting from coffee places, restaurants, independent shops and museums. Sometimes it is nice to play a tourist in your own city and discover so much more new.

Blogs I loved reading

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What were your favorite things in month of October?  Feel free to leave a comment 😉

xo, A


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