Concealer & Contour Palette | Review

hope you had a wonderful day. End of the year is very busy time and I come home very tired. But I have found a way how to relax in evenings. I turn on my favorite TV show, get cosy on coach, have a hot tea, read some blogs (or write myself).

Last month I put this concealer and contour palette on one of my ebay bargains posts. I really wanted to try it out so I ordered it. Few weeks back I received and I had time to test it. So today I am bringing my thoughts about concealer & contour palette from ebay.

contouring palette

In this palette are 15 different shades for contouring and concealing. All shades has creamy texture (I kind of expecteed powder type ones for some reason). When you are buying this palette it comes with angle brush. You can find this set on ebay HERE.

Packaging is made of black matte plastic. It looks ok and is very light weighted. But product containers are simply glued to packaging and it way too easy to get them out. Not the best quality for packaging.

I am loving angle make up brush that came with palette. It is so soft but the practical one for using it with this contour palette. I like to use it to apply my foundation and my foundation looks even, Angle make up has nice wood handle.

angle make up brushingrediants

I use smaller make up brushes to apply and blend out product. I know I have to learn how to contour properly but that’s the reason why I bought this palette. I like that there are many dark shades and have many options to choose from. All darker shades blend out pretty well. I didn’t saw any big problems with highlighter too. I guess I can see myself using highlighter more.

I am really liking concealer shade. Green to hide red spots or any redness. Purple one is like magic to dark circles and make them disappear.  Also it nicely highlights a=under eye area. White and shimmery one I like using like eye shadow primer. It really makes eye  shadows pop and they last longer.


There definitely so much more better contour kits available. Angle make up brush that came with this concealer and contour palette I would definitely recommend. It is really good. And I am really loving some of the shades there. Especially purple one is good and get its job done very well hiding dark circles.

What is your favorite contour kit? I hope this post was helpful for you. You can read more ebay bargain reviews HERE and you can read more beauty reviews HERE.

xo, A


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