Festive Feeling | Blogmas #1

Yes, it is December already! It will sound very cliche but this year went by very fast. Christmas are getting closer and closer and so is New Year.

I love reading Blogmas posts very much and this year I wanted to try it myself. Let’s see how I do it. Oh, if you don’t know what Blogmas are: it is a Christmas blog challenge which you have to write for 24 Christmas or winter related blog posts.


As much I love Christmas I can lose my festive feeling. It usually happens weak or two before Christmas. I feel sick of Christmas songs and movies and everything holiday related. I don’t want that this time. So I have prepared some rules (or tips) how not to lose festive feeling.

  1. Not listend and watch Christmas songs, videos, movies before December.
  2. It also applies to wearing any Christmas pattern clothesbefore December.
  3. Christmas movies are for weekends!
  4. Chrismtas foods are for December. I’ll be buying (and eating of course) tangerens and some gingerbreads in the first of December. Everything else in Christmas packaging stay for later.
  5. Read Christmas stories and poems. At least learn one Christmas poem.
  6. Weak or two avoid big malls as much as possible. Crowds can be so overwhelming and annoying. Don’t let it ruin your mood. Try to go to local stores or small business and local brand shops. They usually are less crowded and it possible to there the most unique gifts.
  7. Read other blogger blogmas posts. The different catagory the better. Beauty, travel, lifestyle, fashion, cooking, books..

Have you ever lost your festive feeling right before Christmas? What is your best tip how not to loose it? You can read more Christmas posts HERE

xo, A


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