Winter Tag | Blogmas #2

today I bring you my second post in Blogmas series. And it is a cosy winter tag. So grab a cup of hot drink and lets start.

blogmas winter tag


Do you like the cold?
I am not a fan of cold weather but in winter should be -10°C. Than snow sticks. I don’t like when it gets more than -20°C it is too cold for me and no wam coats and socks will make me comfortable outside.

What is your most worn Winter nail polish?
I like more darker and dramatic shades for winter. My two favourite shades would be from Avon nailwearpro+ series: Noir Emerald (dark green with shimmer) and Midnight Plum (dark purple with gloss finnish).

What is your favorite clothing item in Winter?
I like chuky knit sweaters and cardingans. Soft pajamas if stay home all day. Nothing gets cosier than that

Do you have a favorite Winter memory?
Now I have to think for a moment. When I was a child we had a little mountain near our home and when was snow we every day went to slide there. Lots of screaming and laughing (an no injuries thank God). I am not a fan of skiing so I never tried to skii from there. That still is way too scary for me. 

Top 2 Winter Beauty and Fashion Essentials
Lets start with fahion ok? First would good quality winter boots that will last you for years. Mine are from Ecco  and bought them two or three years back and they are still in great shape. Second would be anything knitted. A scarf, gloves or sweater. Kknitwear suits winter so well.
My winter beauty essentials are so boring. They are rich and moisturisng face and hand cream. Couldn’t survive winter wintout those. 

What shoes do you tend to wear the most in the winter?
Flat boots for varoius reasons.

Does it snow where you live?
Yes! In fact we already had our first snow but it didn’t stick for long. I hope we will have snow for Christmas. 

Have you ever made a snowman?
When I was a child I made snowman every winter. Or at least I tried to. But I haven’t one for years now. Huh, maybe I should try to make one this year?

Have you done any winter or Christmas realted tag on your blag? Are you planning doing one? Let me now in coments.  You can read more Christmas posts HERE

xo, A


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