9 Things That Made Me Happy In November

andhappy Friday to everyone! It is begining of December so that means it is time to look back of the November and share all our favorite things and highlights (or is just a blogger thing?)

From what to start? November was full of events. Global and local, good and bad. A lot of things can change in 30 days. Lets all hope and make December more positive!

Today I want to share with you only positive vibes so here are 9 things that made me happy in November.


make up beaty monthly favorites

Maybelline The Nudes Eye Shadow Palette

Neutral eye palettes with 8 to 12 shades can surely celabrate their popularity in this year too and it looks like they won’t go away in 2016 too. I have been reaching for this budget friendly palette almost every day. Shades are decent and it isn’t too big so it is easy to take it with me when I am traveling somewhere. Shimmery shades can give a little festive feeling. Full review HERE.

Avon Nailwear Pro+ Nail Polish

Like many others I like to wear more darker nail polishes in autumn/winter months. How original, I know. My picks are Noir Emerald (dark green with shimmer) and Midnight Plum (dark purple with gloss finnish). Formula for these nail polishes are pretty good. I can wear them 4 days without chipping.

Baby Lips Pink Punch Tinted Lip Balm

I cought mmyself wearing this one everyday. I really fell in love the colour. Nice sublte baby pink shade. Baby Lips are not the most moisturising lip balms so when my lips are felling dry I put other not-tintet and more moisturising lip balm and that i put this one for colour. Full review HERE.

blogger cute packaging surprise

Nice Surprises

In November I received some surprise and not so big of a surprise but still cute packages. In a surprise Instagram giveaway I won nice package of beauty products from Drogas (one of the biggest drugstore chains in Latvia).
Isn’t Mirina Collections statement jewelry in a nice and beautiful packaging? And their jewelery are really good too. Full review HERE
P.S  You can use copoun code ani20 at check out to get 20% off!

november favorites

Blooming Cactus

I guess everyone who follows me on Instagram (and if you are not following just hit that follw button to se more cute photos) are sick and tired of my pet cactus. Like a proud owner I post photos of it pretty frequently.

Enjoying Bubble Bath

Autumn evening are perfect for relaxing bubble bath. I never crave one of the in spring or summer. I bring with me book I am currenty reading and phone to listen one of relaxing music from spotify and my pampering evening can begin.

These Slippers

As weather is getting colder and colder I think I will be living in these (I could put these in my December, January and February favorites. No shame.). They are so warm and comfy.

100th blog post

100th Blog Post

It is such a nice milestone to achieve. In 100 blog posts lot of things has changed. I think my photos and writting is much better than in my first, 10th or 25th blog post. It is a little moment that made my day. You can read my 100th blog post HERE.

Blog I Loved Reading

OOTD: The Cape Dress
You can read all my favorite blog posts HERE

What made you happy in November? What were your favorite things in month of November?  Feel free to leave a comment 😉 You can read more monthly favorites HERE

xo, A


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