Favorite Christmas Movies | Blogmas #4

and welcome the 4th day of blogmas. Today I want to share with you my favorite Christmas movies. Prepare your popcorn (or in my case pomegranate seeds) and let the festive movie marathon begin!

best christmas festive themed movies

Home Alone: what is Christmas without Kevin who was left alone? I watch these movies every single year and they are still great! It has that nice childhood nostalgia taste taht I can just put away. Recent movies in franchise are not my fave. I recommend first 3 movies, they have loveable kids as main stars and story is nice.

The Grinch: Jim Carrey as Christmas hating Grinch is hilarious. I still laugh like I am watching this movie for the first time. For The Grinch also has that nice childhood nostalgia feel and after watching it always feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Nightmare Before Christmas: I only discovered this film last year (was I living under the rock all these years?). Tim Burtons classic animated film with lot of cathy songs, loveable characters and good story.

Arthur Christmas: a lovely Christmas animated movie with a heartwarming story. Children will love it and adults won’t find it boring.

Frozen: and while we are talking about animated films. Already classic and iconic Disneys tale. I guess Christmas and New Year is time to Let It Go everything that has bothered me.

 The Holiday: this is my favorite Christmas romantic comady. Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz are great as main female leads. The story is about two women whom relationships fell apart right before holiday. They decide to switch houses for Christmas holidays. Movie about attitude and relation about onself and others.

Harry Potter: yes, I like to wath all HP movies aroun this time of the year (marathon them on a  one lazy Saturday).  Magic, wizards and adventures.

Bad Santa: not he most typical feel good Christmas movie. About anti hero in all ways possible and naive boy who find something good in him. I always watch this movies when I am tired from other movies upbeat Christmas spirit.

What is you favorite Christmas movie? You can read more Christmas posts HERE

xo, A


6 thoughts on “Favorite Christmas Movies | Blogmas #4

  1. Eli Dumas

    You’re absolutely right, Christmas is the perfect time to watch all the HP movies so I’ll follow your advice and throw them in. Thanks for sharing this, I love these kind of posts.

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