Paper Snowflake DIY | Blogmas #5

on the lovely Saturday. For 5th day of blogmas (and in the weekend vibe) I have prepared a super easy DIY – paper snowflake decore.

I loved making these when I was a child and I haven’t made one inmore than 10 years until now. I must say, my room and windows will look so much more festive when I will decorate it with cute paper snowflakes.

paper snowflakes

For this DIY you don’t need lot if items (but lot of imagination is necessary).

paper snowflake DIY
paper snowflake DIY 2

I will make lots of these and decorate my apartment windows and some walls. They are just too cute!

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xo, A


3 thoughts on “Paper Snowflake DIY | Blogmas #5

  1. Stacey

    I used to love making these when I was young too, I’d forgotten all about them! Such a great idea for DIY decorations, I’m definitely going to make some now 🙂 x

    I’m taking part in Blogmas too! Beautiful Solutions


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