Christmas Tag | Blogmas #11

I found another interesting tag to do. I really like to read these kind of posts because it allows to know a little bit more about the author of blog. And find more difficult to write these kind of posts for some reason.

So no more introduction words and lets read the Christmas tag.

Christmas Tag

What have you been buying from Starbucks this Holiday season?
We don’t have Starbucks here in Latvia. There is one drink I love on the go. It is latte from Statiol. I always pick it caramel and it is so good.

What’s your favorite Winter candle scent?
I love cinnamon scent very much but my boyfriend hate cinnamon. So no cinnamon scented candles when he is home. We both like vannilla scented candles so they are our go to scented candles in winter. I would love to try cranberries scented candles.

Giving or Receiving? Why?
Giving. I won’t deny, I like receiving gifts but I like giving more. I like to pick gifts, wrapping them and make surprises in general.

Do you stay in your pajamas or dress up for Christmas?
We stay in pajamas untill noon. We dress up for Christmas lunch or dinner. Sometime on Christmas day we go to visit relatives.

Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
We always open our gifts on Christmas Eve. I think it is more common tradition in most of the Latvian families. Children count Christmas poems to Santa in order to get their presents.

What are you doing for the Holidays this year?
We celabreate Christmas Eve at my moms house. We will have Christmas dinner and then we open our gifts. I hope it will snow for Christmas, I really want to go ice skating. We will be visiting some of our relatives too.

Candy Cane or Gingerbread Men?
Gingerbreads with hot cacao.

What is at the top of your Christmas list this year?
I would love to receive anything from Lush or MAC lipstcik. I haven’t really thought about it.

Do you still have Advent calendars?
I don’t have an Advent calendar. Maybe I should try to buy one for the next year.

What do you eat for Christmas dinner?
We usually have smashed potato and chicken. A lot of different kind of salads. My mom bakes Christmas cake. Now I kind of feel hungry.

Do you prefer a real or fake Christmas tree?
When I was a child we always had real Christmas tree. And my cat always had somekind of obsession to destroy it. In my apartment I have tiny plastic Christmas tree. It easy to set it and easy to remove it and no additional cleaning.

What is your favourite Christmas Movie/s?
I love a lot of Christmas and holiday themed movies. My faves would be Home Alone, Nightmare Before Christmas and Harry Potter. Yes, Harry Potter is a Christmas movie. You can see all my favorite Christmas movies HERE.

Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
Oh, this is a hard question. That would the time when Santa came to visit us in Christmas Eve. As children me and my brother were so happy. Years later we understood thet it was neighbour but it still doesn’t change the magic of that eve.

What is your favorite Christmas memory? You can read more Christmas posts HERE

xo, A


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