Asos Wishlist | Blogmas #15

hope you all had a wonderful day. Mine was kind of meh. Zero energy and not still done with cold. But these last 4 days I have been window shopping online. There are so amazing items right now!

I have been stalking one store in particular. Asos. And I kind of want everything.

asos wishlist

1st row: Oversized Grid Scarf 🎅 Plaid Shirt 🎅 Fluffy Key Chain 🎅 Velvet Ankle Boots
2nd row: Pom-pom Lace Up Shoes 🎅 Anna Sui Lipstick 🎅 Faux Fur Round Bag 🎅 Round Glitter Sunglasses
3rd row: Holographic Dress 🎅 Snowflake Sweater 🎅 Gingerbread Lip Balm 🎅 White Faux Fur Jacket 
4th row: Glitter Boots 🎅 Pom-pom Heeled Sandals 🎅 Happyplugs Earphones 🎅 Faux Fur Roll Clutch
5th row: Clutch With Faux Fur Pom 🎅 Fluffy Clutch 🎅 Pink Pom-pom Heeled Sandals 🎅 Black Flats With Pom-poms 

You can clearly see that I have thing for faux fur and pom-poms at the moment. They are so cute and hard to resist!

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xo, A


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