Things To Do On Winter Evenings | Blogmas #18

winter evenings are so dark and long. Until Christmas and New Year everything is festive but after that there is nothing for a long time. Only dark and cold evenings.

things to do on winter evenings

  1. Excercise. Home or gym that is not that important. Summer body is made in winter is my new motto.
  2. Discover new recepis. Try new foods and meals.
  3. Host a party. A cocktail party or themed party.
  4. Play board games. With your friends, family or significant other. There is wide selecetion of board games for everyone. I really want to learn play chess.board games
  5. Watch your favorite TV show. Or find new one. Get cosy under blanket and with cup of tea.
  6. Or read a book. It is nice to reread your olda favorite books just as much to read a new one. Or maybe it is time to finally read that self education book about SEO that lays in shelf for monyhs now.
  7. DIY and hobbies. Knitting, decors, blogging (I really want to make some changes on my blog).

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xo, A


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