6 Things That Made Me Happy In December

December is almost over and so it’s year. Where do all time goes? I cann’t be the only one who don’t underestand why time goes by so fast.Well, enough of my rambling it is time for some December favorites.

december favorites

december beauty favorites

Christian Dior J’adore Perfume

This is my Holiday scent! I wore these all December, on Christmas Eve and will definitely wear them on New Years Eve.
This is very femine scent with floral orchids rose, violet and blackberry musk notes. J’adore are very long lasting perfume. I can put them in the morning and I can still feel them in 5 P.M.

Red Lipstick

I guess red lips are festive season staple and I could’t resist it in December.

Colgate Max White Toothpaste

I really like this toothpaste. Colgate Max White really makes my teeth visibly whiter and my mouth feels fresh. It has strong mint feeling wich I usually don’t like but with this toothpaste I didn’t mind it.
Max White by Colgate was my help to get bright smile to all the Christmas photos.


This year I wanted to give a try in Blogmas blogging. It was such a commitment to blog every day but I managed it. And I feel so proud of myself! It can seem so easy to write a post every day but it is actually really hard. Blogmas posts take a lot of planning and scheduling, taking pictures and writting in advance. I had 7 scheduled posts and 2 backup posts just in any case.

Some other blogging milestones

I also hit 100 followers on bloglovin! That’s crazy and definitily it was highlight of the day. Thank you for finding time to read and commenting on my blog!
Also I wrote and guest post to lovely Urvee (cilck HERE to read it)and I had guest post (Do you exfoliate enough?)on my blog and I published my first interview here on blog (Interview with Katarina West). So many blog related things happend in December and I really hope January will be just as eventful blogwise. 🙂

Blogs I loved reading

Almost every blogger had lots of festive type post and as much I loved reading them I think won’t put them here (Holidays beeing over is the main reason why). So I have picked other but just as intersting blog posts I loved in December.
And not everything in December should be festive 😉

Happy Birthday Britney Spears: 34 of her biggest and emotional moments!
My Five Favourite Eyeshadow Palettes
How To: Glitter Roots Hair Trend
Your Christmas, Your Rules – My Red Glitter Lips
Start a Business From Your Bedroom With No Budget
The Look: Rose Quartz & Serenity
Personal // Why I Bought Myself A Diamond Ring + Diamond Buying Tips!

What made you happy in December? What were your favorite things in month of December?  Feel free to leave a comment 😉 You can read more monthly favorites HERE

xo, A


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