Best Of Ebay 2015

end of the year and beging of the new year means a lot of overviews of various topics. I like to read other bloggers annual summaries and I decided to give a try writting them myself this time.

Today I have prepared my first one. If you are reading my blog you must have noticed that I love to find great bargains online and love finding ebay deals. In 2015 I bought qiute a lot items on ebay. Some had great quality and others were disappointment.

I have gathered my favorite and best purchases of ebay in 2015. Hope you will enjoy this post 🙂

best of ebay 2015

best jewelry from ebay


I like to scroll in ebay to look for new interesting jewelry. And they have so affordable prices.
I am absolutely loving 3D heart necklace! I wear them so often that it is hard to imagine me with out it. It has good lenght and pendant is very heavy. You can read more about HERE and see it in OTTD HERE.
Another thing I like to buy in ebay jewelrywise are rings. I am loving this geode statement ring (and they are available in more colours too). Rock has good quality is nicely attached to the ring but I don’t like the metal from what ring is made (it colours my fingers). I like to pair it with this  ring set. They compliment each other very good.
For summer I bought seasshell necklace and bracelet. All the small details are good quality and nothing was missing. On the website I fell in love with Daisy inspired necklace and I bought it. It was very impulsive purchase. Quality is also great, nothing was missing or damaged. But for some reason I haven’t worn it yet.  It just lays on my shelf and look pretty. But I think in spring I will definitety wear it. Your read my originals reviews HERE, HERE and HERE.

hair accessries from ebay review

Hair Accessories

In 2015 I bought quite a lot hair accessories. Preparing for this post I actually saw how many things I got and it surprised me. I am messy bun every day kind of girl. Here goes one resolution for 2016 – find time to use hair accessories because I have a lot of them now.

My favorites without doubt are those gorgeous rose flower crowns. I even bought two of them! That is how satisfied with them were. Colours are solid and bright, flowers are attached good and won’t fall off while wearing it. Now I knod of want to buy another one in differnt colour. Original thought HERE.
I bought from ebay 3 hair tie sets in differnt styles, patterns and colours. One of them were pure disappointment (aweful quality and pale). Other two I am loving. There were a craze in summer 2015 with scrunches that you can wear as bracelets. Every fashionist had those! So I kind of went with the band wagon and purchased 3 differnt sets of them. Colours are still nice to them but they strech out very quick. Last set was neon hair ties with studs wich I bought for working out. Colours were so bright and neon and liked that studs were plastic, studs were attached very good and they don’t fall off very easily and I didn’t have to worry about them falling off while I was working out. You can read my original thought HERE.

fashion items form ebay 2015 review


It is no secret that a lot fashion related items on ebay represent so-called fast fashion. That clothes, shoes, bags are made from cheaper materials, they don’t last too long and are mostly manufactured in China.

I purchased on ebay glitter shoes in the begging of 2015. I remember that I wasn’t satisfied with them and I didn’t like them at all. But after some time and wearing them for a few time I have changed my mind. They look nice in casual outfits and are appropriate in more dressy occasions. I still have some issues with these glitter shoes but they are not the worst purchase. Unfortunately they are no available on ebay anymore but you can read my original thoughts HERE and see them in OOTD HERE.
I bought two handbags in 2015 but you can there is only one in the picture. That is because the other one broke and I trashed it already. But quilted cluth bag is amazing! It was super cheap and for the price quality is remarkable. It looks nice in pictures and in real life. You can read my original thoughts HERE and see it OOTD HERE.
Ebay is the best place to buy socks online! Well at least in my opinion. They have so many cute designs. All socks I have bought from ebay were good quality, wasn’t damaged or had any faults. My favorites beeing macaroon print, rabbit print and frilly socks. So if you are afraid to buy something from ebay because of bad quality than now you can go no wrong with socks 😉 You can read my original thoughts HERE and HERE.
I have bought few sunglasses on ebay. I guess I am not a fan of sunglasses offer on ebay. It is not like there are no designs to choose from, there are. A lot of. Quality are not the best but ,hey, at least they will look cute. My favorites are baroque inspired and with flower decor. You can read my original thoughts HERE and HERE.

beauty bargains from ebay 2015 review


It is possible to find great beauty bargains on ebay from a lot of differnt beauty brands. There are big selection of Korean brands, a lot of American and European brands. And lets not start about make up brush selection. In 2015 I managed to buy some of the beauty products too.

Jordana Cosmetics is an Amarican brand that makes very affordable make up. I purchased set of 3 lipsticks and lip liner. It is not available anymore but you can find different sets on ebay. Lipstick shades are very beautiful and they found place in my every day make up but I didn’t like the lip liner back than and now. You can read full review HERE and see Jordana lipstick in shade Burnt Sugar in make up look HERE.
I bought one more lipstick from ebay and it was NYX Macaron Lippie in shade Chambord. It is a very pigmented black lipstick. I can’t remember the reason why I bought it but I guess it nice to have dark shade liptstick in your make up collection. You can read full review HERE.
I don’t why I bought some many make up in very striking colours. Another favorite is blue mascara. I remember wearing it a lot in sring 2015. Mascara is very pigmented and people around you will notice it. A big plus about it was that it is so easy to take it of. You can read my original thoughts HERE and see it in make up look HERE.
Last two pieces. (I didn’t expected this post to be so long.) Angled brush came with contour set I bought. I didn’t like contour set (concealer shades being exceptions) but I really like the brush. It is perfect for applying foundation. Angled brush is so soft, it slides nicely and blends foundation perfectyl. You can read full review HERE.
When I received eye make up brush set I wasn’t in the best thoughts of it. But after using it for various make up looks I am starting to like them. This definitely is not the best eye make up set but quality is decent for the price. And because they came with tin packaging it is practical to take them with me when I am traveling. I can be sure they won’t be damaged. You can read my origanal thought HERE.

 Do shop on ebay? What was the best purchase from ebay? What was your worst ebay purchase? Do you any suggestions to my ebay bargains or is there any kind of ebay topic for me to write about? I would love to here your thouths in comments 🙂 You can read more ebay bargain reviews HERE

xo, A


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