Blogging In Review | 2015

blogging in review 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

End of the year and the begging of new one is the time when we tend to reflect at previous year to see all our ups and downs, what achieved and what we didn’t do. We also set goals to the next year so we could reflect to that too.

I also decided to make a round up of blogging journey in 2015. I have gathered information about my statistics, most popular and my personal favorite blog posts. So lets start!

Few days back I received an e-mail in my inbox with a nice infographic about my blogging achievments in 2015 so decided to share some of them with you all.

Statistic & Numbers

In 2015 my blog has viewed more 4k times and had almost 2k visitors. My views has grown 345% and visitor count has grown 272% in 2015 compared with 2014. That is so amazing! Thank you all for reading my posts and even just making a glance in my blogging world!

It is always very interesing to see from were my readres come from. In 2015 my blog readers came from 88 (!) countries and most visitors being from USA, Latvia and UK.

blog traffic 2015 anitasdiaries


My writting skills and photography has improved so much in last year. But I know I have to still learn a lot. In 2015 I had some intersting challenges blogwise. I have written my first guest blog post (you can read it HERE) and amazing Perter Minkoff has writteng guest post to my blog (you can read it HERE). I also interviewd lovely novelist Katarina West (you can read full interview HERE) and you all should check out her new book Absolute Truth, For Begginers.  I also took part in blogmas challenge. And I managed to blog for 24 days in row!

In 2015 I have worked with some amazing brands. It is always nice discover and try something new. Here are some of favorite collabs: Witchcraft Couture book review, Flower Kimono OOTD with Dresslink, Statement necklace from Mirina collections.


Popular Posts

It looks you guys love reading some beauty reviews and other beauty related posts. 4 out 5 posts are beauty related. And I like to write them, find new and interesting products to test, take photos of them.
For my surprise you seemed to like how I styled my boyfriends sweater. Hmhm, maybe I should some other clothes from my boyfriends closet?

popular posts 2015 anitasdiaries

Jordana Lipstick Review | Dove Oxygen Series Review
Ebay Beauty Bargains | Baby Lips Review | OOTD: Wearing Boyfriend’s Sweater

Favorite Blog Posts

There also is some blog posts I loved writting so much but they didn’t get attention they deserved. Weell, at least in my opinion.
So I decided to give them a little push and give some spotlight.

favorite posts 2015 anitasdiaries

Maybelline The Nudes Review | OOTD: Autumn Gold | Contour Palette Review
Blue Mascara Review | NYX Blac Lipstick Review | Beeing Myself

More about my blogging goals soon. I you want you can check out my blogging in review 2014. What was your year in blogging?
Again wishing you all happy New Year and all the best


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7 thoughts on “Blogging In Review | 2015

  1. Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry

    It’s always fun looking back on blogging achievements and stats of the past year! (And then proceed to be baffled by visitor count from certain countries you wouldn’t expect, haha)
    Going to check out some of the posts here (esp that Jordana lipstick post), and Happy New Year!


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