Style Resolutions 2016

fashion & style resolution in 2016 | anitasdiaries


after all holidays and celebration we are back to our mundane routine. I, in fact, started missing it already.
New year a lot of people start with setting goals and resulutions. Like nosey blogger I am, I like to read them and sometimes I inspire from them. That partly is the reason why I decided to share with you my resolutions this year. So lets start monday with something nice – style resolutions 2016!

Post more OOTDs and learn to pose better

I like outfit of the day posts and lookbooks very much. I like reading them, I like to inspire from them, I like to take photos for them, I like to post them. But somehow I think OOTDs are the least frequetly posted here on Anita’s Diaries. I want to change that in 2016.

Another thing is to actually learn how to pose for pictures. It is a lot harder than it seems. I am currently looking for some tips & tricks so I can find what suits the best for me and wich ones will make feel comfortable posing for camera.

Meanwhile, you can check out my favorite outfit of the day posts from 2015.

favorite outfit of the day posts from 2015 | anitasdiaries

Fuchsia In Windy Winter Day | Self Indulgence | Wearing My Boyfriends Sweater | Autumn Flowers | Autumn Gold | Season Of Layering 

Invest In Classic Pieces

I like colour, different prints and textures in clothes what I wear. That is the main reason why I never will one of the cool minimalitic fashion bloggers. Their outfits consist from monochrome colours and timeless pieces. And lets not start how perfect their photos are.

My wardrobe has a lot of elements that screams that’s so me so in 2016 I want to invest in more classic pieces that will work in almost every combination.

classic and timeless fashion pieces | anitasdiaries

White T-Shirt | Watch | Nude Shoes | Coat | Sunglasses | Black Pumps | Well Fitted Jeans | V-Neck Sweater | Bright Cross-Body Bag | Ballet Flats | Pencil Skirt | Leather Jacket | Sneakers | Ankle Boots | White Button-Down Shirt | Trench Coat

Wear More Latvian Brands

As you might have noticed (or not) I am from Latvia. It is a small country next to Baltic sea right between Estonia and Lithuania. And we have a lot local brands that offers amazing and unique clothing items and fashion. As one of mine resolutions this year is to explore and know more about latvian fashion brands and buy something from them. Support to local business!

latvian fashion brands | anitasdiaries

Narciss: Anne Coat | Marmara Dress | Bahia Trousers
QooQoo: Latvian Leggings | Truevision Top | Sensational Grey Vest
One Wolf: One Wolf T-shirt | Otherland T-shirtColias Staudingeri Bow-tie
Amoralle: Saphire Lingerie Set | Morganite Colour Robe | Cream Briefs
May 28th03:16PM Watch04:54PM Watch04:59PM Watch
ZIBHide and Seek SweatshirtMoonlight Daffodil Maxi Dress
WooltureColour Block Cable Knit Hat

This is only small bit of the amazing fashion related brands that we have here in Latvia and I would love to the owner of any of theses pieces.

Learn More About Fashion

I like fashion like most of the girls and women (and men) in the World. I want to educate myself more about history of fashion and amazing designers. I can’t be the only one who thinks that ever changing fashion world is worth to explore (even as hobby). There are some many amazing books around I only need to find free moment to start.

Do you have any fashion and style resolutions for 2016?


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