Ebay Bargains #28

it is the first ebay bargains in 2016 and I am feeling excited!

A lot of people, includind me, start new year with setting resolutions and goals. And at the end of the year I like to reflect on how much I actually mamaged to do. With my lists I like to be very organised and my resolutions I always write in a new and pretty planner. For that reason I feel like a planner junkie.

So this weeks ebay bargains are dedicated to planners and cute stationeries. Hope you will enjoy this post.

cute stationery and planners

365 Day Planner ✎ Tropical Monthly Planner ✎ Weekly Planner
Twitter Sticky Notes ✎ Marble Planner ✎ Grass Pen
Cute Pen Set ✎ Letter Set ✎ Galaxy Pen

For 2016 I decided to buy myslef a monthly planner so I could make nice and pretty schedule for my blog posts. In the past I made those on my computer but after a while using them got so tiring and I understood that I prefer paper ones more. So browsing through ebay I found very beautifule tropical print monthly planner and I instantly ordered it. It haven’t arrived yet but it shoulld be soon in possession. If you want to, I can review it later 😉

There is a huge and I mean really H U G E sellection of differnt types of sticky notes or any other stationery items on ebay. My favorites are Twitter post it notes because I am so bad with it. I always need a reminder to schedule my tweets or tweet something in general. Anybody has some great tips?
On ebay you can find really cute pens. Most of them I haven’t seen anywhere else. I really want to buy for myself this pen set but that is for other time. Every pen has different pattern but all of them are equally cute. I think pens would look so good on pictures!

Do you use planner? Does look of your stationery and notebooks is important to you? Did You enjoyed my Ebay bargains? Wich one is Your favorite? You can check out my other Ebay posts HERE!

xo, A

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