Beauty Resolutions 2016

for this year it decided to spilt my resoltions into fashion, beauty, lifestyle and blogging and I set little tasks how to achieve. Lets see how I do it. *full of commitment* Oh, you can already read my style resolutions HERE.

I have always loved make up. I like to play with and make more eye-catching make up from time to time but on every day I like minimal no make up look. My biggest wish in 2016 is to improve my skin condition. But also I have smaller resolutions I wish to fullfill.

beauty resolutions 2016 | 2016


I have quite big make up collection with the products I love. And I like to buy make up and try make. I wish I could say that about skincare. I have products wich I love, for example, micellar water from Garnier, since I am getting older that skincare regime I am using is not enough anymore. So I have picked some items I would like to try. Can you suggest me more skincare products and brands to try out?

top skincare products | anitasdiaries

Clarins Face Oil | Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate | Fresh Black Tea Mask | Clarins Foaming Clenser | Aesop Control-Colorless | Pixi Glow Tonic | Kiehl’s Lip Balm | Aesop Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser | Aesop Immediate Moisturiser | Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream | Glam Glow Tinglexfoliate Treatment



I am so bad at this. I have few very nice scented and I use them so rarely. I don’t like to wait after shower and in mornings I like to sleep extra 5 minutes than apply moisturising body lotion.

skin moisturisng | anitasdiaries

In this winter I already see bad consequences to my lazy skin moisturisng ritual. Skin on my legs and area aroun elbows were so dry. Only after 3 regular uses of moisturising lotion in the morning I saw huge difference. That gives me boost to do it.



This is similar point like in my fashion resolutions 2016. Here in Latvia we have a lot of wonderfull beauty brands. I have tried some them like Dzintars, our Lush equivalent Stenders, ecofriendly skincare Mossa. But there aro so much brands I want to discover and try!

madara cosmetics| anitasdiariesmossastenderspien

Madara: Nourish and Repair Shampoo | Nourish and Repair Conditioner | Peel Mask | Soothing Facial Oil 
Mossa: Raspberries Micealler Water | Wild Plum BB Cream | Vitamin Cocktail Facial Oil | Blackberry restoring Eye Cream
Stenders: Chocolate Dream Bath Bomb | Face and Décolleté Gold Silk | Relaxing Lavender Bath Bomb | Cranberry Shower Zephyr
Pien Diary Spa: Bath Foam | Face Cleansing Foam
Seal Eco Cosmetics: Eco Hand Cream | Vita Foot and Hand Cream


Dou you hava any beauty related resolutions for 2016?


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7 thoughts on “Beauty Resolutions 2016

  1. Sofija Darka

    Man patīk ”Pien”,produktu noformējums, it kā pavisam vienkāršs, bet tāds glīts. Gribētos kaut ko no viņu produktiem pamēģināt – vannas putas vai dušas želeja izklausās piemērotas ziemas sausinātajai ādai.

    1. anitasdiaries Post author

      Jā, vieņiem piemīt tāds elegants pieskāriens. Lasot citu atsauksmes, bieži tiek pieminēta “Pien” produktu specifiskā smarža, bet es tik un tā gribu pati pārbaudīt un patestēt.

  2. Paige Mercer

    I feel like we share a lot of the same beauty resolutions! I suck at moisturizing and I have a hard time spending more than $15 on skincare so my skin it’s definitely not being taken care of properly. My mind just needs to realize that investing in my skin is more important than investing in makeup to cover up the skin I’m neglecting. Let me know if you try any of those skincare products and let me know how they are!

    1. anitasdiaries Post author

      That is so true. I should invest my make up money in other things. It will test how much of will power I actually have.
      If test any of the products or change my skincare regime, I will write post about my results 🙂


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