Blogging Goals 2016

and #FriYay to ayone! Who else waited for the weekend? I know I was so excited for it even though I haven’t planned nothing. Maybe that is the reason why I waited for weekend so much.

But I can’t lay in my bed all day long. I always have a need to do something, it may writting and scheduling blog posts, taking and editing photos or reading my favorite blogger’s posts I missed. I like to do nothing and to do something useful at the same time, if it makes any sense.

I have seen a lot of bloggers are sharing their blogging goals for 2016. I like reading them and it gave me an idea to share with you my blogging goals for 2016.

blogging goals 2016 | anitasdiaries


Reading some posts I wrote in 2014 is cringe worhty experience. My vocabulary or lack of it was ridiculous. And even start with the grammer. Just terrible. My post quality has seriously improved since then. Or I like to think that way. English is not my first language so there is a lot of room to grow and make my writting skills better.

Comparing photos what I take and edit now with those taken back in 2014 for blog, it is possible to see an improvent. Since than I changed my camera. Nothing fancy but I like my Nikon Coolpix S2900. I would really like to learn how to use white balance function in my favor because winter is not the best time for taking photos indoors.

If I have some free time I would like to upgrade some of old posts. Nothing much just correct grammer and add little bit more text.



This is something I still struggle. I try to always post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays but sometimes I feel too tired or lazy to write even one single line. Writting blogmas posts for 24 consecutive days tought me to plan ahead and schedule my posts. So my goal for 2016 is to stick to my schedule and not to skip my any of my posting days.



In 2016 I would like to add new blog post series to my blog. I enjoy writting my ebay bargain and monthly favorites blog post series but I also want to include something new and fresh here. I have two ideas what these series would be but for now I want to keep them as secret.

I know it will take a lot my time and work to make the series I want to be. It definitely won’t be weekly but i think mothly series would be just as nice.


social media growth | anitasdiaries


Just like any other blogger I like to see how blog is going statwise. I like to see how my blog stats are growing. Who doesn’t like to see that? So in this post I decided to share my statistic goals for 2016.

Blog Followers: 200
Bloglovin: 350
Twitter: 350
Instagram: 1 000
Facebook: 50
Pinterest: 75



I want to make my first giveaway. I want to celabrate my blogs 2nd birthday with you all. I would be nice to update my blogs appereance and theme. I woould like to cooperate with fellow bloggers more.
I want to learn about blogging for example learn more about SEO and DA.

What are your blogging goals for 2016? You can read more blogging related posts HERE.


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