Personal Goals | 2016

Just as important to set profesional goals it is  imprortant set some personal or lifestyle related goals as well. Don’t we all want to grow as personalities? I know I want to. That is the reason I have so many differnt hobbies I enjoy doing in my spare time. Blogging is just one of them.

I decided to share some of my more personal goals for 2016.

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I have always loved traveling and seeing new places. My top destionations are Iceland, Norway and Japan. Is it kind of weird that I lean towards to  plaes were are cold? But there is something that makes me want to see them. Also I would love to go to the USA. That would be trip of lifetime.

Now more about places I am planning to visit in 2016. Me and my boyfriend have planned two destinations – Ireland and Turkey. Both countries seems very interesting.

Also, I want to see more of my Latvia. It is so small and yet I haven’t seen so much of it. I want to go to Mark Rothko Art Centre in Daugavpils, visit Sigulda and Cēsis, take photo  with every cow monument in Ventspils. This list is almost endless so in 2016 I want complete some of that points.



In 2015 I went to the movies so rare it is possible to count that on the fingers. I remember seeing Star Wars: Force Awakens, Mad Max: Fury Road and some 2 or 3 movies more wich I can’t remember ar the moment. 2016 seems to be full of comic book related movies and of course X-Men: Age of Apocalypse (i love X-Men so much!). On my watch Deadpool, Batman v Superman and Suicid Squad found place as well. I think there will be more movies that will land place on my watch later this year.

I always have loved reading. In recent years due to lack of time or other resaons I haven’t read books. Last year I read 3 books. 3 books! That number is shamefuly low. So I hope I will find time and energy to read at least 10 books in 2016. Any sugestions?
Reading an actual book can be such a nice thing and I will always choose physical copy of book than digital. In that manner I am kind of old fashioned.

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Fitness goals must me on a lot of people lists. At the begging of January everyone feels so motived but that feeling don’t stay long. I don’t want this resolution to become one of those.

I have already started with 10 minutes yoga in mornings. I love how I feel after that I started to it on weekend mornings as well. In Febraury I will start to go 3 times in week  to the gym.

xo, A

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