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Blogging Goals 2016

and #FriYay to ayone! Who else waited for the weekend? I know I was so excited for it even though I haven’t planned nothing. Maybe that is the reason why I waited for weekend so much.

But I can’t lay in my bed all day long. I always have a need to do something, it may writting and scheduling blog posts, taking and editing photos or reading my favorite blogger’s posts I missed. I like to do nothing and to do something useful at the same time, if it makes any sense.

I have seen a lot of bloggers are sharing their blogging goals for 2016. I like reading them and it gave me an idea to share with you my blogging goals for 2016.

blogging goals 2016 | anitasdiaries

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Blogging In Review | 2015

blogging in review 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

End of the year and the begging of new one is the time when we tend to reflect at previous year to see all our ups and downs, what achieved and what we didn’t do. We also set goals to the next year so we could reflect to that too.

I also decided to make a round up of blogging journey in 2015. I have gathered information about my statistics, most popular and my personal favorite blog posts. So lets start!

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Lets Get Social! | Social Media

Blogging and using social is inseparable things nowadays. It’s almost like if your are not using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram you might as well not exsist. Well, that is h u g e an  exaggeration but from time to time it really does feel like that.

So I decided to make this Lets get social! post. A place to share our blog links and social media links for other blogger just like us to check them out. A place share love and find new friends and follow each other.

lets get social | anitasdiaries

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