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Personal Goals | 2016

Just as important to set profesional goals it is  imprortant set some personal or lifestyle related goals as well. Don’t we all want to grow as personalities? I know I want to. That is the reason I have so many differnt hobbies I enjoy doing in my spare time. Blogging is just one of them.

I decided to share some of my more personal goals for 2016.

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Bra Problems And Guide How To Fix Them


guide to fix bra problems | anitasdiaries

Have you ever in your life had any problems related to bra? And don’t make any excuses, not even the smallest feeling of discomfort. If your answer is still no I salute you. You are almost like a superhero! For the rest of us lets fight all the brablems together.

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6 Things That Made Me Happy In December

December is almost over and so it’s year. Where do all time goes? I cann’t be the only one who don’t underestand why time goes by so fast.Well, enough of my rambling it is time for some December favorites.

december favorites

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Interview With Katarina West

I had an opportunity to have a littke chat with amazing Katarina West. She is a novelist living in Italy and recently came out her new book – Absolute Truth, For Begginers. I haven’t read it yet but when my schedule is not so busy will get cosy in the sofa with my favorite cup of tea and her new book.I’ve reviewed her debut novel, Witchcraft Couture.

Let’s get cosy and see what we discussed about writers block, finding inspiration and favorite fashion trends. Oh, and did you know they have ghosts, too?

katarina west

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9 Things That Made Me Happy In November

andhappy Friday to everyone! It is begining of December so that means it is time to look back of the November and share all our favorite things and highlights (or is just a blogger thing?)

From what to start? November was full of events. Global and local, good and bad. A lot of things can change in 30 days. Lets all hope and make December more positive!

Today I want to share with you only positive vibes so here are 9 things that made me happy in November.


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