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Personal Goals | 2016

Just as important to set profesional goals it is  imprortant set some personal or lifestyle related goals as well. Don’t we all want to grow as personalities? I know I want to. That is the reason I have so many differnt hobbies I enjoy doing in my spare time. Blogging is just one of them.

I decided to share some of my more personal goals for 2016.

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Festive Feeling | Blogmas #1

Yes, it is December already! It will sound very cliche but this year went by very fast. Christmas are getting closer and closer and so is New Year.

I love reading Blogmas posts very much and this year I wanted to try it myself. Let’s see how I do it. Oh, if you don’t know what Blogmas are: it is a Christmas blog challenge which you have to write for 24 Christmas or winter related blog posts.


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Being myself | Diary

Hope you all had a wonderful day. Today I really wish I could go to work and complain about that not being home with terrible cold. So lots of tea with honey and lemon, garlic, warm blanket and all four Pirates of Caribbean movies. And I didn’t felt like writing my normal type blog posts. So here is my most personal blog post.

Recently all media has been buzzing about self-confidence and staying true to oneself. Just look at Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and even Taylor Swift and her girlfriends. #squadgoals


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