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Festive Reds| Blogmas #19

Christmas is gettting closer and closer with every hour. I can’t believe how fast time flies by.

Today blogmas post is about the most festive colour – red. For this year I will be wearing red lipstick as my red accent to my outfit.

festive reds

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Asos Wishlist | Blogmas #15

hope you all had a wonderful day. Mine was kind of meh. Zero energy and not still done with cold. But these last 4 days I have been window shopping online. There are so amazing items right now!

I have been stalking one store in particular. Asos. And I kind of want everything.

asos wishlist

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Winter is coming | Wishlist

These days I am thinking more and more about changing my outfit choices to be more winter friendly. Weather is getting colder cold really fast! This week it is going to be already -8°C. Brrr. That’s cold. I need to take my old winter coat out from the depth of my closet. Look for some scarves, gloves, hats and winter boots.

Also am on the hunt for new winter coat. I am bored of the one I have right now. So I have found real cuties what are also warm! I couldn’t resist to pair these winter coats with some top design winter boots. winter fashion

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Rainy days | wishlist


Even though today is sunny it is getting colder each day. And let’s be honest. Autumn doesn’t spoil us with sunny days too much. It is mostly raining. One evening I was checking some online shops and I found some great items for those rainy days. So I made 3 simple outfit combinations from my favorite items. Hope you enjoy!
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Dresslink wishlist

I absolutely love online shopping! And love to discover great bargains (you can tell that from my ebay bargains posts :-D) and new online stores. So today I want to share with you all what great bargains I found on

Dresslink is a Hong Kong based online fashion clothing (and more) seller. Designs offered there are so adorable and prices are very affordable.

dresslink wishlist

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Meeting normcore (wishlist)

Hi! It is officially spring! It was snow all day here (Riga, Latvia). Good start spring, good. I relly thought that winter is over. And it seems that this winter was the last for hipsters. At least in the streets. Beanies and Nike Airmax are slowly beeing replaced with snapbacks (well that whatmy translater said) and Adidas Originals. normcore wishlist Continue reading

All about that basics (wishlist)

What are your plans for tonight? After all it is Friday evening! Well mine are calm evening home with my favorite TV shows, hot chocolate & online shopping (well at least looking at all the pretty things).

So I have put together few basic items that I covet. Hope you enjoy that!

All about that basics

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