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Best Of Ebay 2015

end of the year and beging of the new year means a lot of overviews of various topics. I like to read other bloggers annual summaries and I decided to give a try writting them myself this time.

Today I have prepared my first one. If you are reading my blog you must have noticed that I love to find great bargains online and love finding ebay deals. In 2015 I bought qiute a lot items on ebay. Some had great quality and others were disappointment.

I have gathered my favorite and best purchases of ebay in 2015. Hope you will enjoy this post 🙂

best of ebay 2015

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Dresslink wishlist

I absolutely love online shopping! And love to discover great bargains (you can tell that from my ebay bargains posts :-D) and new online stores. So today I want to share with you all what great bargains I found on dresslink.com

Dresslink is a Hong Kong based online fashion clothing (and more) seller. Designs offered there are so adorable and prices are very affordable.

dresslink wishlist

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Ebay Bargains #18 sunglasses edition

Yes, the sunny days are finally here! (I kind of ignore the fact it is really cold.) And sunny days mean that sunglasses season is almost here. Ebay is great place for finding great bargains. I have found 8 great sunglasses with unique design and good looking price too 😉 I liked one sunglasses so much I even purchased them.


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Ebay bargains: Christmas edition #2

Christmas ediotion 2

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

Last weaks ebay bargains was more about perfect outfit for Christmas. But this weak it is all about presents. I have found some really great deals! Hope you will like it 😉

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