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Winter is coming | Wishlist

These days I am thinking more and more about changing my outfit choices to be more winter friendly. Weather is getting colder cold really fast! This week it is going to be already -8°C. Brrr. That’s cold. I need to take my old winter coat out from the depth of my closet. Look for some scarves, gloves, hats and winter boots.

Also am on the hunt for new winter coat. I am bored of the one I have right now. So I have found real cuties what are also warm! I couldn’t resist to pair these winter coats with some top design winter boots. winter fashion

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New in from Ebay


Today Ian going to show you my latest ebay bargains wich I bought myself. It is mostly accessories. Black boots, a beanie, sheer socks and few jewelry items. Hope you will find these reviews helpful! 🙂

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Say hello to my new boots (and me)!


Right now You are probably thinking – another  annoying fashion blogger, they are so bothering! And You are probably right. There are already so many incredibly good ones on and around fashion, why should make more?

But I really want to share with You! I want share with You everything new and beautiful, amazing things, emotions. The way I am trying to befriend with fashion.

I am not the best photographer for sure, but I am learning to improve it, trying, trying so hard I can. With the greatest gratitude I will accept any comments and tips about my pictures (and blog posts). I must confess I am not familiar with Photoshop and all of my pictures are the way they are – natural (here should be tricky smiley).

For the beginning it would be all. Hope to see You soon!


P.S. They are from H&M