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Ebay Bargains #18 sunglasses edition

Yes, the sunny days are finally here! (I kind of ignore the fact it is really cold.) And sunny days mean that sunglasses season is almost here. Ebay is great place for finding great bargains. I have found 8 great sunglasses with unique design and good looking price too 😉 I liked one sunglasses so much I even purchased them.


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Ebay bargains #10


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There is no better feeling in the world than being warm, comfy and fashionable. In this cold and fogy waether (that’s definitely creepy) I would love to stay home and don’t go out like for ever. But we all know that is not possible. I don’t want to lose that comfy and cosy feeling and in the same time look good. So here is my this weeks picks from ebay that represent that feel!

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Ebay bargains #6


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On September 1st morging there where a thick fog. From my window I couldn’t see anything. I didn’t see any fog in August mornings. Or maybe I didn’t wanted to see it. September really suprised me. I knew when it will be but it suprised me unprepared. Maybe that’s the reason why this weeks ebay bargains are so random. 

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Ebay bargains #5


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This week there is definitely color theme going on. Navy blue & army green is my top colors for autumn. I just like how these colors look together (or it’s just a little devil in me who thinks they look together). These few last weeks it is already feeling like autumn. Rain is pouring every single day. Summer of 2014 is already gone. Sad to admit it but it true. And one of the ways how to welcome autumn’14 is to have some realy great baargains! 

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