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Interview With Katarina West

I had an opportunity to have a littke chat with amazing Katarina West. She is a novelist living in Italy and recently came out her new book – Absolute Truth, For Begginers. I haven’t read it yet but when my schedule is not so busy will get cosy in the sofa with my favorite cup of tea and her new book.I’ve reviewed her debut novel, Witchcraft Couture.

Let’s get cosy and see what we discussed about writers block, finding inspiration and favorite fashion trends. Oh, and did you know they have ghosts, too?

katarina west

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Witchcraft Couture (a book review)

I couldn’t remember the last time I have read a book But there was something compelling about the title that intrigued me. Witchcraft Couture doesn’t it intrigue you? When I was offered this book to read I couldn’t hide my excitement.

I have just finished reading it and here are my fresh thoughts about it.


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