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Concealer & Contour Palette | Review

hope you had a wonderful day. End of the year is very busy time and I come home very tired. But I have found a way how to relax in evenings. I turn on my favorite TV show, get cosy on coach, have a hot tea, read some blogs (or write myself).

Last month I put this concealer and contour palette on one of my ebay bargains posts. I really wanted to try it out so I ordered it. Few weeks back I received and I had time to test it. So today I am bringing my thoughts about concealer & contour palette from ebay.

contouring palette

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Cobalt blue for my lashes

Hello everyone!
Can warm spring days come any sooner? Even though it’s sunny outside I managed to freeze. Weather is so windy and cold. No wonder nothing wants to bloom. But that’s no problem because it is always possible to add blooming colours to make up and accessories. Mascara in other colour than black has become on of my favorite things to wear.
spring make up

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Today I’m wearing black lipstick!


I can’t believe I haven’t written anything in a week! That’s crazy! With spring approaching I am getting more busy and busy. I know it’s not an excuse and I promise I will be my on blogging schedual as soon as posible.

Today I want to share my thought with you about one statement piece  – a black lipstick by NYX. What I actually bought a while ago and somehow forgot. And that’s crazy too!

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Beauty haul


Today I want to share with you what I have bought recently. I know it is not much comparing to others and I don’t have beauty bloggers fovorite brands. But I really don’t mind it 🙂 Hope you will enjoy this post!

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