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9 Things That Made Me Happy In November

andhappy Friday to everyone! It is begining of December so that means it is time to look back of the November and share all our favorite things and highlights (or is just a blogger thing?)

From what to start? November was full of events. Global and local, good and bad. A lot of things can change in 30 days. Lets all hope and make December more positive!

Today I want to share with you only positive vibes so here are 9 things that made me happy in November.


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Tips for beautiful hands and nails in winter

winterize your nails

Oh, winter you are so unpredictable! You can be so cold and windy, snow can be snowing and rain can be raining. And it all can happen in one day. Everyone seems to be worried about how this weather effects face or hair and don’t see how are hand are becoming like sandpaper. We can be so busy that we simply can forget about oh, so simple things or that is just me?

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Ebay bargains: Christmas edition #2

Christmas ediotion 2

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Last weaks ebay bargains was more about perfect outfit for Christmas. But this weak it is all about presents. I have found some really great deals! Hope you will like it 😉

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