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Festive Nails | Blogmas #16

on the 15th day of blogmas! I can’t believe after 10 days will be Christmas day! I can’t be the only one who was surprised about that today.

I am not the best at nail art but I love cute and interesting designs. I remember when my biggest success was paint my nails without smudging nail polish everywhere. Now I can draw some nice shapes but I still need lots and lots of practice.

Today I want to share with you all my favorite festive nail art.

festive christmas nails

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Tips for beautiful hands and nails in winter

winterize your nails

Oh, winter you are so unpredictable! You can be so cold and windy, snow can be snowing and rain can be raining. And it all can happen in one day. Everyone seems to be worried about how this weather effects face or hair and don’t see how are hand are becoming like sandpaper. We can be so busy that we simply can forget about oh, so simple things or that is just me?

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