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Inspiration for Febraury

Hello february

I can’t believe it’s Febraury already! It seems like just few days ago we celabrated New Year and thought what will be 2015 but now red hearts are starting appear everywhere. I’m not a biggest fan of Valentines day. And can’t explain it. But i like to see red hearts, roses, chocolate and everything cheesy. Something about that simply makes me happy.

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Inspiration for December


Oh, hello December, didn’t see you coming so soon. So I am few days late for my monthly inspiration. I hope it’s fine.

For many people it my seem vary strange but I still havent got my Christmas tree nor I have bought gifts. All things Christmas and festive appears in December. On the streets, in every store. So the theme for December is inspiration for gifts to everyone you love.

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Insipration for November


Oh, hello there November! Didn’t see you coming so soon.

I evenings it is getting darker and colder. Perfect time to stay cosy and comfy in home, snugle with someone you love and basicly to do nothing. Or do everything you like. At the moment I am really into traveling around, discovering my Latvia. Or just be home watching my favorite TV shows (like Gotham, TVD, Buffy the Vampire slayer). Autumn dark evenings are so perfect for redescovering yourself.

Have a nice month every one!

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I’m loving… personalized magnets


Today in my mail box i found awaited shipment from PicStick* There were 9 colurful and fresh magnets from my favorite photos! And I have a little suprise for you too. But first I am going to tell you about PicStick.
PicStick can turn any photo you want into a magnet. And the price is really affordable – 14,99 $ for 9 magnets and the shipping is free worldwide. Great isn’t it?!

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