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Style Resolutions 2016

fashion & style resolution in 2016 | anitasdiaries


after all holidays and celebration we are back to our mundane routine. I, in fact, started missing it already.
New year a lot of people start with setting goals and resulutions. Like nosey blogger I am, I like to read them and sometimes I inspire from them. That partly is the reason why I decided to share with you my resolutions this year. So lets start monday with something nice – style resolutions 2016!

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Prints and knits


It seems like in these few days has happend so much. First snow. A lot of first snow. And now days are that foggy tha it possible to see only some 2o to 30 meters. Yes, winter is here.
Days like I like to keep myself warm and better not go outside in the cold. But I need to go to work, to shop. To keep it warm and still look nice I style knitwear and my printed pants.
Oh, and that scarve! I love the colour, and the hood. It really helps me feel warm!

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Pop of red


This october is so grey. I loved September so much because of the beautiful colours. And it was warm too. October is more grey, colder. And people in streets trend to be same – grey and cold. Even colourful tree leaves are disappeared in this greyness. I simple want more colour and fun! I hope I did it with my outfit.

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Comfy sightseeing



Last few days I spent traveling around Latvia seeing really beautiful places. I knew there will a lot of walking so I wanted to keep my outfit simple and comfortable as much as possible. Loafers and paisley shoes i got in flea market and you know how much I love to find a good bargain. Shoes and pants are so comfy! Right choice for wandering around and seeing new places, cities and people. 

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I’m loving… Ipanema flip flops

Ipanema flip-flops have power of Brazil. In flip-flops you can see inspiration of splendid Rio de Janeiro carnival, passionate people, calming and exotic nature, tropical sunshine in the beach. They have collaborated with Gisele Bundchen. Her designed shoes are sophisticated and luxurious.

Flip flops are very colorful and bright or subtle and more casual. Even though summer is almost over here in Latvia we have almost 30°C heat everyday. Nice and comfy flip-flop shoes are just in right time. I have chosen some of my favorites.


 Amor pink // Bicolour yellow/blue // Jazz green // Pop white // Unique fruit // Beach gold //  Persia beige // Glitter gold // Bow navy 

Did you like flip flos I have chosen? Which one is your favorite? You can see all Ipanema shoes HERE.

xo, A